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Your free gift is on its way to your inbox, but before you go, check out this very special offer, just for you!
My Gift got me to 100K in just 100 days, allowed me to work completely online to help thousands of women coaches and healers to multiply their fees and their impact...
Making Money Happened to Be an INNER GAME For Me!
Asking Who Would Pay Me So Much For Changing Their Life?  Is....
Killing your business!
Self doubt is a

Confidence sells.

Confidence is NOT faked.
Confidence is EARNED!

If you failed with using the 'fake-it-til-you-make-it' method, listen up!
Whatever you learned about Self Worth was a big lie...
Don't tell me how much you spent on mindset and therapy... If you can't charge what you're worth, you have WORK TO DO!
And accept the challenge of digging deeper... Believe me! A highly trained psychotherapist, a healer and a spiritual teacher for two and half decades! It was a hard pill to swallow! I actually thought, something must be REALLY WRONG WITH ME! Because the amount of hours I work, the amount of dollars I spent, how much effort I made... to fix my money mindset and get rid off limiting beliefs, would do absolutely NOTHING for my business.

What's on the line was not just my livelihood... it's the lives I was meant to change... it was living my soulful purpose... fulfilling my destiny is what makes me happy and adds fire under my wings!

This is the sign, that you are an Old Soul... You didn't come here to just eat and sleep and make babies (Nothing's wrong with that at all... I birthed my own five... Yet, I would never give up on doing my work in the world!)
It's time to ACCEPT that your business is your life's work... and take yourself seriously... HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF is crucial!
Business is (or can be) your spiritual path...

This is how you HEAL, GROW and GIVE...

I'm on a mission to help you GIVE at your highest capacity, so you can help people globally, make the most impactful difference.. and for that, I must help you HEAL and GROW yourself!
I have no doubt!
Most women come to me after they've seen me on video or on stage... 
They'd say, it's your COURAGE... I want what you've got!
But... I tell you… when I came to coaching I was a spiritual teacher, healer, and a highly trained psychotherapist, working with thousands of people for over 20 years! and, still, I doubted myself….

Who would ever pay me so much for just ‘changing their life’?! 

In my coaching school they told me to give away free sessions.. in some vague hope, that people would just be so impressed and hand me the money... It did not happen - EVER! 

Marketing schools I went to taught me the ever so popular art of HUSTLE... So I was a hustler, a workaholic, until my husband gave me an ultimatum and said, he will leave me and my five kids, because all I do and think about is how to get my next client... (Mind you, I had about 100 clients that year and made a whooping $32 grand!... that I gave away to all of my coaches, VAs, and office and service providers.

Honestly, I would have sacrificed everything, if it wasn't for that wakeup call! 

I realized, I really LOVE my man, and want to have a family! 

My first husband died... and it was devastating... I knew I would never want to be a single mom... live without love... deny myself happiness of being a woman, feeling held and treasured... just because I seem to be so USELESS AT MAKING CASH with doing what I love the most! 


I had to get a grip!
Lira Kay
When my coach asked me, Lira do you hate money? I was shocked.

Just a minute ago I was boasting that people pay me on the spot, that I never have 'no's on my sales calls. 

She said, that's obvious... you are HUGELY UNDERCHARGING!

By then, I was already an international bestselling author, spoke on stages starting from 17 years old, created and led communities of hundreds of artists and healers, took my work to masses, travelled the world... Just had an interview on the radio with a half a million listeners. I had raving fans and tons of referrals from all the great results my clients were getting just after one session with me.

Most would say, she had made it!

Yet, my fees were $175/hr. 
And every time I said my price I felt guilty for charging ANYTHING at all... as I believed healing and transformation, my spiritual work can not be measured in dollars.

This had to change! 
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Charge Your Worth?
One of my beautiful clients Stephanie said, Lira the biggest thing (besides making $13,000 in 4 weeks selling spiritual healing!) you did for me, is that I stopped 'stinging'

Yes, that's exactly what she said. "I stopped counting pennies.. and feeling so strapped for money all the time... because I AM ACTUALLY A GENEROUS SOUL... Making money allows me to BE THAT!" 

Stephanie now travels around America, homeschooling her kids, and running her spiritual business like a true free spirit, from the laptop via FB lives! 

Another client, Sofia, with PhD and dozen of certifications under her belt, is Greek, lives in Belgium, speaks 8 languages, however even after having a business for 7 years, had been stuck selling $100/hr gym workout sessions, endlessly hustling for clients and having a day job to support herself. In just 4 weeks of working with me, she sold her first $7,000 program, cutting her hours in half. She quadrupled her fees per hour. She hit her first 5-figure month in the next 4 weeks. 

She took her dear husband on the holiday trip to celebrate! 

A year later (she is on her second year of working with me), she is selling $10,000 group masterminds, had reached 6-figures, published a book and became an international speaker, launched her own Academy and started working with celebrities and politicians. Her private work is now $30,000 for a fun 7 day retreat. 

Hafrun, an intuitive healer from Island, started charging $888/hr and doubled her income every week with me, after investing tens of thousands of Euros into mindset, sales and marketing coaches and never getting any results in four years prior coming to me. She had her HUGE breakthrough straight after doing a 15 min Healing process in my Certification group.

Imagine completely embracing and integrating your own SUCCESSFUL HAPPY SELF... life without sabotage... work without self doubt... love without fear... GIVING WITHOUT SACRIFICE... 


Yes, you can get your hands on my BEST training in healing your self worth issues that allows my clients triple, ten- twenty- time their fees and start selling straight away... without adding any extra qualifications, credentials or MBAs to their name!
Even though we thrive for happiness and success, we are always facing our own resistance. I call this part of us a Dark Lilith. She's set to sabotage the fulfillment of our most deepest desires. She's here to undermine your power, intelligence, ability to receive love, joy and wealth.

But she is also a secret path to unlocking your potential. She holds the key to your spiritual gifts. She is a Healer within. And when she is liberated and healed, she is the One Who Becomes Unstoppable! 
The BEST ally in your business, relationships and on your path to prosperity and love.
Now It is time to....
Heal Your Self Worth!!!
All of these beautiful women on the picture, including myself, started charging 10 times as much (all of them had to heal their feminine wounds with me on their side)
Do you want to get access to the same exact healing method I used to take their businesses to the next level in a matter of days?
This Is What's Included In Your HEAL YOUR DARK LILITH Transformational Workshop...
A 60 min Video Training #1
High level impact healing method that had proven to get phenomenal results for women who struggle to charge for their brilliant work in the world.

Whatever you've done, whomever you paid, you had not done this. My method is based on doing therapy and healing work for the last 30 years. This is a true shortcut through all the noise and BS of transformational industry. A must have if you are looking to get results (not do more 'mindset work').
A Heart and Mind Shifting Workbook #2
3 powerful exercises to get you from 'dreaming' about a 7-figure transformational business empire to taking tangible steps to making it happen much sooner than you think is possible.

We all have to start somewhere. Don't try to push through... Let yourself feel into your future. Actions only matter if they count. This workbook gives you clear focus and direction without making you to chose between love, work and money. 
Heal Trauma Audio #3
16 min Brain Rewiring Process to let go of any PTSD symptoms that many women experience after suffering any level or form of physical or emotional abuse and abandonment.

Listen as many times as you need and let yourself blossom into a POWERFUL FEARLESS WOMAN you were born to be.
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!

My Powerful Authentic Sales Kit for Intuitive Women Coaches:

BONUS #1 'Unscripted' 
5-figure Practice Sales Call - Behind the Scenes
Watch me sell a $20K group mastermind paid in full in less than 30 min, without any scripts and manipulative tricks.

A rare opportunity to see a coach sell five-figure coaching package.

Listen, embrace, model, so you can do the same, with 100% confidence, integrity and grace. 

I was not born to be great at sales, I practiced my way in. So can you! 
Bonus #2 'Unscripted Deep Analysis'
Everything you waned to know - but were afraid to ask about high end sales
Watch a detailed analysis of that Sales Call with step by step guidance and how it’s done (and what is a big no-no when it comes to high ticket sales).

This comes with The Sales Call Flow Printout (you can have it in front of you and feel 100% confident, instead of using some weird questions from your script, that make you sound salesy and not very trustworthy.)

Bonus #3 The Sales Practice Meditation
Sales Meditation - to prep you for your next sales call 
This is a secret weapon of my high level clients! Now available to YOU!

Stop feeling so desperate and anxious charging triple from the get-go... Practice with this training audio, that relaxes your brain and opens your heart to selling with compassion and love for your clients and yourself. 

You'll master 7 elements of high end sales just by listening to this meditation once or twice per week. 
Now! With this empowering HEALING, and PRACTICAL SALES TOOLS, created ESPECIALLY for a woman like you,

there's really no way you can fail!
Give Yourself a Full Permission to RECEIVE for the Brilliant Work that you do for Others
Get My limited time offer Now!
I have my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you had not received any value at all from all the workshops, trainings and bonuses I provide, let me know, and I will refund you, no questions asked!
Now it's time for....
Healing Your Self Worth, So You Can Continue Serving Humanity Without Doubt, Sacrifice Or Struggle
Not many coaches survive competition and ups and downs of running a business.  

Most, statistics show, 90% of coaches and healers, close down their shop in the first year, 67% of those who had survived make less than $30K per year. 

But the ones that brake through are a part of the billion dollar industry, that just keeps growing! 

If you know in your heart YOU’RE MEANT FOR MORE get my HEAL YOUR DARK LILITH workshop and all of the AMAZING BONUSES here!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • ​HEAL YOUR DARK LILITH Transformational Workshop and Workbook ($1997 Value)
  • ​Heal Trauma Audio, a 16 min Brain Rewiring Process to let go of any PTSD symptoms and overcome fear of sales ($197 Value)
  • ​Unscripted: a Powerful Authentic Sales Kit for Intuitive Women Coaches that includes my $20K Practice Sales Call Video and a Masterclass showing behind the scenes of unscripted high ticket sales call ($1997 Value)
  • ​The Sales Practice Meditation to help you master 7 elements of high end sales  and sell with 100% confidence and ease, even if you never sold a high ticket program before ($197 Value)
Total Value: $4, 388
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $48
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